7-Day Health Certificates Required for 2019 National Reining Breeders Classic

During the Texas Winter Series at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center (GSEC) which ended February 24, two horses developed fevers of unknown origin. The facility followed its isolation protocol which requires horses with elevated temperatures to be immediately removed from the premises.

They also reached out to Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine and local veterinarians for additional guidance. After the end of the Series they learned two other horses that showed at GSEC tested positive for strep equi.

As a precaution, the upcoming GHHJA show March 9 and 10 was cancelled and the facility will complete a deep clean and sanitize the facility. Every stall and the surrounding areas will be scrubbed, rinsed, and disinfected within the guidelines provided by the consulting veterinarians.

In the immediate future, GSEC will require health certificates for all horses (showing or nonshowing) written within seven days of arrival at GSEC. The health certificate must state for the past 30 days the horse has not been treated or seen for reasons that might be associated with an elevated temperature or exhibited any symptoms associated with strep equi.

National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC) Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Cody noted, “We appreciate the work Great Southwest Equestrian Center has done to insure the safety of all the horses. And even with our event not scheduled to begin for another month, we are glad to protect our horses by these enhanced measures.”

All horses must be accompanied by health papers (current Coggins, vaccination records, and health certificate) or they will not be allowed on the grounds. There will be no exceptions. Please have a printed copy of these records to give to the check in personnel.

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