2020 Italian Reining Horse Association Futurity: May 15-22, 2021 (Daily Updates)

The 36th edition of the Italian Reining Horse Association (IRHA) 3-year-old Futurity will remain in the history books due to complications caused not only by the pandemic but also by the unfortunate EHV-1 outbreak.

IRHA, IRHBA, NRHA, Team For You, Italy’s NF (FISE), and CremonaFiere joined forces to make the 2020 edition happen in conjunction with the 2020 NRHA European Futurity and 2020 Elementa Italian Reining Championship Finals. Over 600 horses made their way to take part in the event which debuted on Saturday, May 15.

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5.16.21 – Vittorio De Iulio Sweeps the Quarter Dream IRHA/IRHBA/NRHA 3-year-old Non Pro Futurity Go Round

5.18.21 – Belgium, Germany and Italy Tie to Lead the First Go Round of the Arcese/MS Diamonds TX 2020 IRHA 3-year-old Open Futurity

5.19.21 –  2020 Arcese/MS Diamonds IRHA Open Futurity: Midili and GD Pepos Olena Blue Capture the Composite Top Score

5.21.21 – 2020 Quarter Dream IRHA/IRHBA/NRHA 3-year-old Non Pro Futurity Finals: Fabio De Iulio Clinches the Level 4 and Valentina Monti Sweeps the Levels 3, 2, 1

5.22.21 – 2020 Arcese/MS Diamonds TX IRHA/IRHBA/NRHA 3-year-old Open Futurity