2019 NRHA Fall Board of Directors Meeting Wraps Up

For Immediate Release – August 28, 2019 –  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma –  The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Executive Committee and Board of Directors met at the conclusion of The Run for a Million, which featured the Million Dollar Invitational—the focus of Paramount Network’s “The Last Cowboy”—in Las Vegas, Nevada, to discuss topics surrounding the goal of growing reining worldwide.

One highlight was unanimous approval of the 2020 NRHA Worldwide Eligibility Policy with changes that were supported by members who participated in a recent survey about the topic. The Eligibility Committee dedicated significant time and effort to developing the policy throughout the year, convening for numerous meetings and conference calls, developing and deploying the survey, interpreting the survey’s results, and processing feedback on the draft of the policy.

Other accomplishments during the meeting included:

  • 2020 Dues & Fee Policy was approved with no changes from the 2019 policy.
  • 2020 NRHA Derby, 2020 NRHA Futurity, and 2020 Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships conditions were approved. Additionally, the inclusion of 7-year-old horses in the 2020 NRHA Derby conditions was also approved.
  • Approved changes to the NRHA Nomination Program, including the addition of 7-year-old horses to the North American program, new European program money splits, and a $10 handling fee for European program nominations not submitted online.
  • Addition of one executive committee seat starting in 2020 was approved. This member will be elected by the board for a one-year term. In addition to the qualifications outlined in the NRHA Election Procedures, all candidates for this seat must have served at least one year on the NRHA Board or two years on an NRHA Committee.
  • Affiliate applications were approved for the Japan Reining Horse Association (RHA), Southern New South Wales RHA, and Israel RHA.
  • Developing affiliate applications were approved for NRHA Chile, NRHA Thailand, and NRHA South Africa.
  • A gradual increase to the North American nomination fee was approved to ensure that future NRHA Futurity and Derby purses stay in line with inflation. The change will start with 2020 weanling nominations ($320), followed by $20 annual increases over the next five years. The current $300 nomination fee has remained unchanged since the program’s inception in 2008.
  • NRHA’s medications program was discussed. No positive medications test results have been received year to date. It was approved for staff to develop procedure for accommodating show management inquiries to test at specific events. Additionally, the board supported that NRHA rules prohibit the use of cannabidiols (CBD) and their metabolites.
  • Term limits for members of the NRHA Judges and Stewards Committees were extended to improve education and teaching structure.
  • A proposal to build purses in the Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships was discussed.
  • NRHyA Officer election revisions were discussed with a proposal to be submitted for approval in 2020.
  • The board agreed to move forward with a rule-change proposal to add a fee for classes that do not charge an entry fee (similar to the current 5% NRHA fee based on entry fees, excluding those classes required to have an entry fee of $0).
  • Organization of the NRHA Handbook was updated, placing related sections in a more logical order and moving some items to the NRHA Record Book as online policy.
  • The Finance Committee’s recommendation to pass on a price increase from NRHA’s trophy supplier for one year in order to allow time for other avenues to be researched was approved.

“As you can see from the above summary, we had a very productive meeting,” said NRHA President Mike Hancock. “Thanks to the NRHA staff for preparing all the material and distributing it well in advance so the board could be well-informed. As always, I was impressed with the dedication and deliberation of your board. I would also like to thank all the members who provided input and feedback on the Eligibility policy. Your involvement in the process was essential; remember we are all in this together!”

$80.000-added 2019 Austrian RHA Futurity & NRHA Show

August 21 – 24, 2019
H&D Schulz Quarter Horses
Wiener Neustadt, Austria

8.22.19 – Highscore for Cristian Dalla Pozza in Futurity Open Go round 3-year-old Horses: Manuel Cortesi takes lead in L4

8.22.19 – Non Pro Futurity Go round, 3-year-old Horses: Carlo Ambrosini takes lead in L4, Nicole Haider in L3 and L1

8.23.19 – AustrianRHA Futurity Non Pro Champion L1, 3-year-old Horses: Franziska Wallner & Shes Jerseylicious

8.24.19 – Manuel Cortesi & PC Tinsel Whiz claim AustrianRHA Futurity Open Championship L4, 4-year-old horses

8.24.19 – AustrianRHA Futurity Non Pro L4 and L3, 3-year-old Horses: Carlo Ambrosini claims L4 Non Pro again, Franziska Wallner wins Int. Non Pro

8.25.19 – “One of the most Beautiful Show in Europe!“ – Participants enthusiastic about the AustrianRHA Futurity 2019

8.26.19 – Mark the Date: It is $ 30.000-added AustrianRHA Maturity Time in Wiener Neustadt from September 20 until 22, 2019


Non Pro Futurity Go round, 3-year-old Horses: Carlo Ambrosini takes lead in L4, Nicole Haider in L3 and L1

Carlo Ambrosini

With a score of 213, 20-year-old Carlo Ambrosini took the lead in the Non Pro Futurity go round L4 aboard his stallion My Smart Show (My Showbiz Whiz x MS Linton Lena). The young Italian won the AustrianRHA Futurity last year, was fourth at the 2017 FEI World Championship in Givrins, NRHA European Futurity Champion L4 Non Pro 2018 as well as IRHA Derby Champion Non Pro L4 in 2019. Carlo also rode his Step In The Night (Saturdaynight Custom x Wimpy Surprise Chex) to 4th place in the go round.

Two riders tied for second place in L4 scoring a 212.5 each: Franziska Wallner aboard Shes Jerseylicious (Yellow Jersey x Shiney Enterprise), a mare bred by McQuays Stables, and Ewald Rifeser aboard Petra Burger’s gelding One Day SG (One Gun x Connie All Dun).

The L3 and L1 were dominated by Nicole Haider an der mare Selectashininggun (Colonels Shining Gun x Selectively Done) who scored a 213.5. The horse was bred by Jan and Nadine Bodenstab. „I am so happy! This was my first Futurity,“ said Nicole Haider after her great run. “I’ve won some ‘normal’ NRHA shows so far, but this was my first real big show. My mare was so good to me today, and I cannot thank my trainer Klaus Lechner enough for his support.”

Nicole Haider

In L3, Franziska Wallner and Ewald Rifeser tied for second place. In L1, Franziska Wallner placed second with Alicja Olejnik and her mare CSG Lean With Gun (Colonels Shining Gun x Fly Flashy Whiz) following on third place.

Futurity Non Pro Go round, 4-year-old Horses: Carlo Ambrosini and Wolfgang Hammer take lead in L4

54 horses had been nominated for the AustrianRHA Futurity Non Pro go round of the 4-year-old horses. In L4, two riders took the lead scoring a 217.5 each: Carlo Ambrosini aboard his Jac N Lime and Wolfgang Hammer aboard his Chicago Lena. With his mare Jac N Lime (Tinsel Jac x ARC Yellow N Lime) 20-year-old Ambrosini won the 2018 AustrianRHA Futurity Non Pro L4 and L3 after leading the go round.

Wolfgang Hammer, who was IRHA Derby Champion Non Pro L2 this year, rode Chicago Lena (Smart Chic Olena x Bright Gun City) to the 2019 European Futurity Championship Non Pro L3 and L2 and Reserve Championship L4. Chicago Lena was bred by Sabine Schmid in Austria.”He is a superb horse with lots of heart,“ Hammer says. “I bought him as a yearling as I liked his pedigree. You could that he could be a champion.” Hammer especially thanked his trainer Thomas Martinek.

Timo Reichhart and his gelding Notorious Tupac (Gunners Last Oak x Nu Gold Chex) placed third in L4 scoring a 215.5. With this horse which was bred by Petra Ott, Reichhart was fourth at the NRHA Breeders Futurity Non Pro L4 as well as an IRHA Futurity Finalist.

With this, Wolfgang Hammer and Chicago Lena are also leading in L3 Non Pro with Timo Reichardt and Notorious Tupac placing second which was the lead in L1 as well.

Veit Ostermaier and Burnin Down Da House (Great Sun Burst x Whiz And Charm) followed on third place in L3 scoring a 215 and second place in L1. The gelding was bred by Martina Sgarzani.

Three riders followed on third place in L1 scoring a 213 each 213: Michaela Kogler aboard her stallion Thisroostergotsmarts (Smart Chic Olena x Rooster Hickory ), Kerstin Muller aboard her gelding Voodoowhiztictrick (Shiners Voodoo Dr x MP Huggamuggawhiz) bred by Susanne Duiker and Vittorio de Iulio aboard his stallion RS Hamal Feo Jac (RS Great Jac Feona x Boggie Bar Linda) bred by Claudio Risso.

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.

Highscore for Cristian Dalla Pozza in Futurity Open Go round 3-year-old Horses: Manuel Cortesi takes lead in L4

Cristian Dalla Pozza

44 horses had been entered for the AustrianRHA Futurity Open go round 3-year-old horses. Very early in the go round, IRHA Futurity Champion and multiple Bronze Trophy Champion Cristian Dalla Pozza and Captains Doc Badger (AB Captain Badger x Kay Sarah) set highscore 219.5 after a fantastic run. Thus, the 3-year-old stallion which was bred by Dario Carmignani and is owned by Angelucci Quarter Horses took the lead in L3 and L2 Open.

Manuel Cortesi and AR Vintage Dream (A Sparkling Vintage x Sweet Candy Dream) owned by Elisabetta Raviola placed second scoring a 218.4. The stallion bred by Luigi Paris eis leading the L4 Open now. 27-year-old Cortesi, who was FEI European Champion Young Riders and IRHA Futurity Champion Non Pro, won the AustrianRHA Futurity Level 3 Open in 2015 and was Reserve Champion L4 Open last year.

In L 4 Open, 2018 ARHA Futurity Co-Champion L4 Open Dominik Reminder placed second scoring a 218 aboard Martin Bachmann’s BMS Walla Getcha Gun (Walla Whiz Crome x Ally Get Your Gun), a stallion bred by Barbara Seibold.

Jeffrey Touroute-Thomas and Reto Erdin‘s Rosenkavalier (Gunwork x BR China Rose) followed on third place in L4 scoring a 215.5 which was also second place in L3 Open – together with Stefano Angelucci aboard his Zag Ebony Gun (Shine Chic Shine x Gun At The Gate) bred by Antonio Zagaria. The mare is also second in L2.

In the L1 Open Go round, two riders tied for first place scoring a 211.5 each: Saul Luca Bruzzi aboard the mare Danger Trash (Gunatrashya x Holiday With Peppy, breeder Emanuele Colleoni) for owner Societa Agricola CD Horses SR and Gabriele Wendlinger aboard her gelding Gunfighting Smurf (Gunners Smokin Oak x A Fancy Misty Glo), which was bred by Sonja Mammel. Matteo Vedovato and Fabio Cerantola’s mare Spooks Carrie Doll (Spooks Gotta Gun x Emily Peppys Doll) placed third scoring a 209.5.

Manuel Cortesi & PC Tinsel Whiz take lead in L4 Open Go round, 4-year-old horses: Giovanni Masi dominates L3 and L2, Daniela Saupe L1

Manuel Cortesi

In a field of 53 horses, Manuel Cortesi took the lead in the L4 Open Go round 4-year-old horses aboard PC Tinsel Whiz (Hollywoodstinseltown x PC Sliderina Whiz). The stallion who is owned by Az Agr Cortesi Piero, scored a 223. Giovanni Masi De Vargas and Bugs At Nite followed on second place for owner Mariangela Di Pierro scoring a 222. Dominik Reminder and Martin Bachmann‘s Got My Baileys (Wimpyneedsacocktail x Smoking Walla Wanda) placed third in L4 (221,5).

Cortesi was third with this stallion at the 2018 AustrianRHA Futurity after leading after the go round, and placed 11th at the NRHA Breeders Futurity Open.

Thus, Giovanni Masi de Vargas and Bugs At Nite (Gunners Special Nite x Scats Ebony Shiner) took ther lead in L3 and L2. The two were 2019 NRHA European Futurity Champion Open L2 and placed 7th at the 2018 NRHA Breeders Futurity. Daniela Saupe and Smart N Surprising and Tomas Martinek aboard Wolfgang Hammers Call Me Lil Josie (Lil Joe Cash x Call Me N Hollywood) tied for second place in L3. In L2 Open, Daniela Saupe placed second with Nico Siguro and Harry Gotta Whiz (Spooks Gota Whiz x Harry Little Quarry) owned by Quarter Dream Srl following on third place. (219,5).

This was the lead in L1 for Daniela Saupe and Smart N Surprising (Smart Spook x Just Miss Enterprise). With this stallion, Daniela was L1 Open Champion oft the European Futurity 2019. Michael Saupe rode him to the 2018 IRHA Futurity Reserve Championship L1. Levin Ludwig aboard Hans Isler‘s Einsteins Resolve (Einsteins Revolution x Charleys Smart Miss) and Barbara Bayer aboard CSG Shining Gold (Gunner x Golden Flashy Whiz) owned by Alessandra Zotter-Gagony tied for second place scoring a 217.5 each.

The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.

WCRHA Star Spangled Slide

By Eileen Maxinoski, Photos by John O’Hara

The Star Spangled Slide slid into action on July 4th at the West Coast Reining Horse Association’s last affiliate show of the year. Red, white, and blue decorated the grounds of the Brookside Show Park in Elk Grove, California, from USA flags greeting exhibitors as they drove in to patriotically colored awards presented to class winners to the giant USA flag which was unfurled in the arena prior to the derbies. Many of the exhibitors use this show as a “showcation” for the family, as there are plenty of after-the-show activities to keep everyone busy. On-site meals were available every evening, preceded by libations and munchies beforehand at the Wine Down Bar conveniently located next to the Warm Up arena, and many families enjoyed the pool between and after classes.

Saturday was a busy day for the WCRHA Youth. Youth reining classes ran all morning. Then, youth riders and non-riders were kept busy with, not one, but two fund raisers. During the day found the kids busy at the wash rack, holding their annual Horse Wash using groom products generously sponsored by Farnam. Saturday night was extra special as the kids held a dessert auction at the “In Honor of Delbert Tullos” potluck dinner. Delbert was a past WCRHA president and loyal supporter of the WCRHA youth. Michelle Devine reported that the evening was filled with great food, love, and laughter. Ollie Galligan, WCRHA in-house auctioneer, was supported by spotters Mike Boyle, David Hanson, and Jason Richards in procuring bids for the yummy desserts which averaged $75 to $100 per item. Top selling dessert was a chocolate cake that brought in $300. In order to boost the bids on the last couple of items, Auctioneer Ollie offered to display his dancing best. The bidders met his challenge, and Ollie enthusiastically responded with his native country’s Irish Jig. Kudos to the youth and their advisor Tereasa Canada and supporter Michelle Devine for raising over $2500, proceeds of which will go towards the Year End Youth award saddles. Great job, WCRHA Youth!

Open Derby L4 champion: Gunnashine Ya and Jordan Larson

The highlight of the show was undoubtedly the $13,000 Added Open Derby. Eighteen riders answered the challenge put forth by WCRHA trainers via Facebook—“Are you in it to win it?” And, they did not disappoint when it came to executing speedy, precise maneuvers in the show pen on Saturday evening. Their efforts were rewarded by a “standing room only” crowd that encouraged every rider with enthusiastic and raucous cheers and whistles. In the $10,000 Added 7M Ranch Level 4, Jordan Larson took Champion and Reserve with two horses owned by Tzvika Knaani who resides in Israel. Gunnashine Ya earned a score of 148 and Rio Killer Gun scored 147. The two horses earned $10,000 for their efforts. With scores of 144.5, third place was a tie between Reddy Aim Shine On, ridden by Ollie Galligan and owned by Elizabeth Atkins, and The P I Guy shown by Chuy Chavez and owned by Linda Barsalou. Fifth place went to Mister Smartypants, exhibited by Gabe Davide and owned by Eileen Maxinoski. In the $3000 Added Level 1, Ollie Galligan emerged the Champion on Reddy Aim Shine On. Reserve Champion went to Sam Kawanishi’s The Prima Ballerina with John Irish showing, scoring 143.5. Tieing for third and fourth with scores of 143 were Thad Carr on his own Heza Mega Watt and Mister Smartypants shown by Gabe Davide. Fifth place awards went to Mob Dolled Up ridden by John Irish, owned by Deborah Walker, who tied with Whizky Drinkn Princess, shown for the McLeod Family Farms by Kelly Keenan.

The Non Pros came to play in their $7,500 Added Carr Performance Horses/Boyle Ranch Non Pro Derby. Nine hopefuls laid out their best efforts to claim money and prizes. In the $5000 Added Level 4, Brooke Boyle scored a 145.5 to emerge victorious on Sunset Nite, owned by her dad, Mike Boyle. Close behind for the Reserve Championship honors, with a 145, was Cam Essick on her own, home bred and raised, Loveya. Scores of 140 was good enough to split third and fourth monies between Lady Bang Bang, owned and shown by Britta Jacobson, and Whizky Drinkn Princess, shown by Campbell McLeod and owned by the McLeod Family Farms. Fifth place went to Nicole Cox piloting her own Gotta Smart Whiz to a score of 138.5. In Level 1, congrats go to Britta for winning the Championship and to Nicole Cox for the Reserve Championship. With a score of 137, Derek Brummett came in third on Ima Shiny Mister owned by himself and his wife, Kelli. Rica Macalvey was fourth on Doree Sims’ Got Guns A Blazin. Cam was Prime Time Champion with Britta coming in Reserve. Derek took third place honors with Vicki Dias coming in fourth on her own ARC Dun With Ya. Great job of showing from all the Non Pros.

A mega thanks goes to all those who financially supported the Open and Non Pro Derbies—7M Ranch, Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, Carr Performance Horses, Boyle Ranch, Galligan Performance Horses, Dr. Bo Felix, Dr. Marty Gardner, Larson Performance Horses, Hanson Performance Horses, Gilson Performance Horses, GD Performance Horses, Padilla Performance Horses, 55 Performance Horses, Chavez Performance Horses, and Walden Performance Horses. Aged Event Buckles were sponsored by Dave & Lisa Dentoni, Ed & Connie Glavis, Dave & Anne Driscoll, Geir & Jill Ramleth, Candice Thompson, Debbie Avila, Gretchen Vogelsang and Peterson Wealth Management.

Other exhibitors had great results with their reining steeds in the NRHA Affiliate and WCRHA classes as well as an assortment of AQHA approved classes. This was the last opportunity for WCRHA riders to qualify for the NRHA Regional Affiliate Finals to be held in October at the Idaho Horse Park. Pleasant temperatures, which continued throughout the show days, greeted Non Pro riders as they started the day on Thursday. Ken Hamilton laid down the winning run in the Novice Horse Non Pro Level 1 class on his wife’s reiner California Girl with a 70.5. Close behind by just half a point was Derek Brummett on Ima Shiny Mister. There was a three-way tie for first place in the Novice Horse Non Pro Level 2. Scoring 70s were Tereasa Canada on her EZ On The Slide, Britta Jacobson with her Ms Benz, and Megan Lynch on Revolutionic owned by herself and Ashley Lynch.

Open Maturity L4 champion: Chics Dream and Michael Boyle

The Open riders hit the arena next. Earning the Championship in the $2000 Added Grocery Outlet Open Maturity Level 4 was Mike Boyle on Elizabeth McHugh’s Chics Dream with a score of 145. Martin Padilla, on Cassandra Kindle’s Ill Be Smokinum, scored a 144.5 for the Reserve Championship. In the $1000 Added Grocery Outlet Maturity Level 1, Kain Emmons took the Championship on Morgan Davis’ Ghostsliderinthesky, earning a 141 from the judges. Christian Rammerstorfer on his faithful Maddox scored 139.5 for the Reserve. Mike Boyle also won the Open as Mr Twister Whiz, guided by David Hanson and owned by Lisa Dentoni, tied with Westside Rambler, shown by Martin Padilla and owned by Kurt Tate, for the second place awards. Mr Twister Whiz also won the Intermediate Open with his score of 144.5. Mister Smartypants was shown to a score of 143.5 by Gabe Davide to claim first place in the Limited Open as well as second in the Intermediate Open. Second in Limited Open was Chics Revolutions owned by Anna Lohr and shown by David Worley. The Prime Time Open class was the largest of the Open classes and was won by Mike Boyle and Chics Dream. Lady Bang Bang slid to a 138 to win second with her rider/owner Britta Jacobson.

The younger riders started off a beautiful morning on Friday. With a solid 70, Logan Lindberg and his sister Tessa’s trusty gelding Chicadero took the top prize in the WCRHA Youth class. Trevor Skadden, riding Bills Sparklindiamond, was second with a 66.5. Margaret Chancellor on her Dunnit With A Shine was first in the AQHA Youth with 69.5.

Youth 13 & Under champion: Bills Sparklindiamond and Trevor Skadden

The NRHA Green classes followed and were very competitive with close scoring taking the high placing spots. Besting a large class of 21 exhibitors in the Level 1, Rob Di Napoli rode Hand Painted Tag to a winning score of 71.5. Close behind with a 71 was Kelly Staley on her own Like Madd. Rob’s score was good for second place in the Level 2 right behind Paley Capachi on her Lights In The Waves with a 72. Great showing from the Green reiners.

The Novice Horse Open riders were next on the scene. Martin Padilla, riding Cassandra Kindle’s Ill Be Smokinum, laid down a serious run of 73.5 which topped the Level 2 class. David Hanson was second on Melinda Gaw’s Rockabilly Banjo with 72. Eighteen horse and riders showed up for the Level 1 class. The top two placings proved to be a family affair. Mike Boyle gathered first place awards with a 71.5 on Pam Hurst’s Rock N Roll Baby while his sister, Jeanne Levine, was close on his heels with a 71 showing her own Dreaminofchicsncash.

Youth 14-18 champion: Stars Revolution and Abby Lubin

The younger reiners were up and at ‘em bright and early on Saturday morning to show the judges their best. Trevor Skadden on Bills Sparklindiamond and Madison Stephenson on Lil Miss Mddox shared first place honors in the Youth 13 & Under with scores of 69. Abby Lubin on Stars Revolution and Megan Lynch on Revolutionic turned in “revolutionizing” scores of 70.5 to share first place in the Youth 14 – 18. The two cowgirls also won the Unrestricted Youth class topping a class of eleven riders. As winners of the Unrestricted Youth class, Abby and Megan were presented with commemorative buckles sponsored by “Friends of Delbert Tullos.” Then, Abby gathered her third first place win of the morning in the Youth Rookie as Madison Stephenson was second. Great job of showing your horses, WCRHA Youth.

Seven ten and under equestrians showed up to ride in the Short Stirrup class. Coming in first with a commendable score of 72 was Steven Allen, Jr. on his dad’s Crome Topsail. Isabella Hall showed the renowned Reeboks Rerun, owned by McLeod Family Farms, to a score of 72 to gather second place honors. It was great to see the enthusiastic and very capable “up and comers” show their reiners.

Non Pro Maturity L4 champion: Chics Double Magnum and Kathleen Cook

The Non Pros filled the rest of the day with concurrent runs in ten classes of NRHA and AQHA classes. Kathleen Cook on her Chics Double Magnum was the happy winner of the Championship buckles in the NRHA $2000 Added Grocery Outlet Non Pro Maturity Levels 1 and 4 with a score of 144.5. Britta Jacobson on Ms Benz and Debi Murnan on Jacs Red Pine shared second place honors in Level 4 with 144 scores. Britta was also second in the Level 1. The three reiners were also the top of the class in the $500 Added Prime Time Maturity as well as the Non Pro affiliate class. Finally, Britta and Debi split first place monies in the Prime Time Non Pro affiliate class. Britta captured first in the Intermediate Non Pro and Terry Holland on Holly Rowdy Whiz was second with a score of 143. Way to go, ladies.

Topping a class of 24 entries in the Limited Non Pro was Megan Lindberg on Custom Banjo with 142.5. Mark Faley was second on Crome Starlight with 141. Thirteen “60-years plus” riders showed off their expertise in the Masters class with Kathleen Cook proving that age is just a number. She took the class with her high score of 144.5. Mark Faley was second. Cam Essick won the AQHA Amateur class scoring 141.5 and Caitlin Fike was second with 138 in a class of 6 entries. Kathleen Cook was difficult to beat once again in the AQHA Amateur Select as she bested a class of eight reiners. Megan Lindberg was second. Congratulations to all the exhibitors for an afternoon of great goes in the Non Pro reining pen.

A large class of 22 horses in the Snaffle Bit/Hackamore class began the last day of the show on Sunday. David Bunfill took the class with a score of 71.5 on his Gunnatrashya Dream. With scores of 70.5, David Hanson, on Anne Driscoll’s Brooks and Gun, and Martin Padilla, on Tobyann Faingold’s Nickis Special Nite, shared second place.

Youth exhibitor Abby Lubin and her Stars Revolution continued with their winning ways as they won the Green As Grass class with a score of 70.5. Lauren Crutchfield, showing Mike Silva’s Shewhiz Electric, was second with 68.

The last classes of the show featured the Rookie reiners. Kurt Tate, scoring 72 on his Westside Rambler, proved victorious in Rookie 1 and 2, Prime Time Rookie, and the WCRHA Green classes. Danica Caravetta, reining on her Mister Big Gun, was second in the Rookie 1 as well as first in the AQHA Amateur Level 1 with a 71. Laetitia Loubser and her pretty palomino gleding, Coronas In Hollywood, was second in both Rookie 2 and Prime Time Rookie with a score of 71. Natalie Cook, on Marlena Got Nicd, shared second place in the WCRHA Green class with Casandra Kindle, on Ill Be Smokinum, with scores of 70.5. In the AQHA Amateur

All in all, the four day Star Spangled Slide, with $33,500 added money, provided great show conditions for the reining horses and their riders and exciting viewing for the spectators. Thank you to the WCRHA Board of Directors and all others who work behind the scenes to provide this great opportunity to show reining horses, coming from all over California, Oregon, and Nevada. Thanks again to all the wonderful and generous sponsors who made this a very special show. The next and last WCRHA show will be the Year End show on August 22–25. See you all there.


The National Reining Horse Association is not responsible for information contained in this press release. Please contact the author or submitting organization for further information, requests or questions.