Youth Reiners Shine at Tulsa Reining Classic

The Tulsa Reining Classic showcases some of the top reining horses and riders in the industry, but it also highlights the industry’s prospective champions – youth reiners. Sunday in the Mustang Arena Youth riders showed off their skills in classes for riders ages 10 & under all the way to 21.

Colt Mitchell

Colt Mitchell took top honors in the 10 & Under Short Stirrup with a score of 147 riding, Playgun Chic Olena, who’s by Smart Chic Olena out of Mamas Pakin. Mitchell and his 13-year-old gelding have had a big show, winning Saturday’s 10 & Under Short Stirrup class, as well.

“He was great. He didn’t do a single thing wrong,” Mitchell said. “He couldn’t have run faster; we’ve never seen him run that fast.”

The 10 & Under Short Stirrup ARC champ was Taylor Bagby riding Suzy Que Wrangler (Starlights Wrangler x Spanish Dun It) to a score of 136.5.

Taylor Bagby

“I had a few problems, but it was a pretty good run overall,” Bagby said. “She takes really good care of me and we get along really good.”

The Youth 13 & Under champion was Raeanna Thayn riding Coded N Karma. Thayn and “Karma” also earned the ARC Youth 13 & Under, the American Quarter Horse Association 13 & Under and the USA 13 & Under win. They added the Unrestricted Youth title, as well. Coded N Karma is a 2011 gelding by Electric Code and out of Whiz N Snap.

“He was really good. He circled the best he has in a long time and he ran down there and stopped really well for me,” Thayn said. “He’s always consistent and he loves to be rode.”

Raeanna Thayn

Coded N Karma will also be going to the World Equestrian Games with Glen Estival for Team France.

The Youth 14-18, ARC Youth 14-18 and USA Reining 14-18 champion was Margaret Sue Dunn riding Spooks Smoken Wimpy, a 2009 gelding by Wimpys Little Step out of Please Don’t Spook. Dunn said she had things to improve upon from Saturday’s classes and thanks to her trainer Yonathan Baruch’s advice she was able to accomplish her goal. Dunn and Spooks Smoken Wimpy scored a 145 for the win.

Margaret Sue Dunn

“I was really nervous, but my trainer (Yonathan Baruch) said just stay calm and composed and he’ll do the same, so I did that and he was perfect,” Dunn said. “The hardest part for me was the change from big to small, slow circle in the lead change and he nailed it. I knew he would, but when I hit the middle my heart was pumping. He was super good. He stayed with me through everything.”

The Rookie Youth winner was Kylie Baker riding See U Saturday Night, a 6-year-old son of Star Spangled Whiz out of Wimpys Rose. The duo turned in a score of 141 for the win.

Kylie Baker

“I was really proud of him, because yesterday he got the whole day off,” Baker said. “He did really great and I’m really proud of him. It was a really great last run.”

Non Pro riders competed for championship honors Sunday at the Tulsa Reining Classic, held at Expo Square.

A three-way tie in the Non Pro and ARC Non Pro classes saw Stephanie Nelson riding Custom Banjo (Banjo Whiz x Custom Bobbie) and Emily Coultrap riding Pale Of Gold and Sparkys Shining Doll share the co-championship with scores of 145.5.

Coultrap’s mount Pale OF Gold (Pale Face Dunnit x Sailors Starbuck) is a 5-year-old gelding that’s been a solid mount for her both in their career together, but also in Tulsa.

“He was on. He was like a robot,” Coultrap said with a laugh. “He was just awesome. We connected and we were in sync. I couldn’t have asked for a better ride. It was great.”

Sparkys Shining Doll (Friday Night Shiner x BB Holly Doll) is a 6-year-old that Coultrap recently purchased and says the stallion is helping her to improve as a rider.

Emily Coultrap

“I just purchased him at NRBC in April,” Coultrap said of Sparkys Shining Doll. “He’s a lot of fun. He’s teaching me a lot. He’s a strong horse and I have to step up to the plate and step up as a rider, and so far it’s working.”

Coultrap also tied herself in the Intermediate Non Pro, ARC Intermediate Non Pro, Limited Non Pro and ARC Limited Non Pro aboard her two mounts.

Mike Hancock

Mike Hancock took home the Non Pro Prime Time win riding Nics Custom Dually (Mister Nicadual x Custom Whizer) with a score of 143.

“This is my derby horse, so it was really just a nice easy ride,” Hancock said. “I wanted to go show him and not put a lot of pressure on him and that’s just what he did.” Had since 3 and showed in futurities and derbies and he’s done well.”

In the ARC Prime Time Randy Golden and A Great Red Bingo (Itsa Bingo Greyhound x Great Red Kalico) took the win with a score of 140.5.


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Tulsa Reining Classic Showcases Youth Reiners

Carlee McCutcheon

The up-and-coming talents of the reining industry sported their skills in the show pen Saturday at the Tulsa Reining Classic in the youth classes held in the Super Duty Arena at Expo Square.

The 13 & Under Youth champion was Carlee McCutcheon riding Katy Dun It, a 2009 mare by Dun Gotta Gun and out of Dun Kissed Peaches. McCutcheon posted a score of x earning her the win as well as the 13 & Under USA Reining title.

“Today was really good. It was a little hard to find the ground today, but she did her best and we just stuck with it,” McCutcheon said. “[My plan] was to just go in and whatever happens, happens.

McKinnon Larcombe

The plan paid off. McCutcheon and Katy Dun It have had a big week in Tulsa so far, starting off the week with Friday’s USEF 13 & Under win.

In the Youth 14-18 McKinnon Larcombe and Taris Dreamer (Magnum Chic Dream x Taris San Cutter) took the win with a score of 145. The duo has already picked up checks in Tulsa and hope to continue their success in the affiliate classes on Sunday.

“Coming out of the pen the other day from the win I was kind of on a high and hoping he would go in there and be the same for me and he was,” Larcombe said of Saturday’s run. “I went in there with the mentality of not showing him too hard, because I want to save him for tomorrow for the affiliate stuff and he was great for me.”

Margaret Sue Dunn

Margaret Sue Dunn and Spooks Smoken Wimpy (Wimpys Little Step x Please Don’t Spook) turned in a score of 138 to take the win in the USA Reining Youth 14-18.

The Rookie Youth champion was Giorgia Medows riding Suprizentheprincess (Jerry Lees Surprise x Princess In Diamonds) with a score of 139.5. Surprizentheprincess is usually seen with Medows’ brother, Jack Medows, but in Saturday’s class Giorgia took the veteran reiner into the pen for the win.

Giorgia Medows

“This was actually my first time showing her, she’s been a broodmare the past couple years and she was Jack’s horse, so I just started riding her and she’s so consistent and she was so good and relaxed for everything.”

Colt Mitchell

In the Short Stirrup 10& Under class Colt Mitchell rode Playgun Chic Olena (Smart Chic Olena x Mamas Pakin) to the win with a score of 69.5.

“He is a really, really good horse; probably one of the best horses we’ve ever had in the barn,” Mitchell said. “I’ve won a lot of stuff here on him, so I had high hopes for him.”

Becca Schaffhauser

In the Youth Reining Horsemanship Class Becca Schaffhauser rode Dinitwithasmokingun (Colonels Smoking Gun x Dun It Doll) to the win. The 2009 gelding has been Schaffhauser’s main mount for several years and she says they have a special bond, which translates into the show pen.

“I had to make sure I did the maneuvers good and clean and make sure your horse understands what you’re doing,” she said. “You want your horse to always understand you otherwise you might not always be able to the right things.”

Morris Kulmer

In the Mustang arena the non pros took center stage, again. The Novice Horse Non Pro champion was Morris Kulmer riding Nvr What A Lucky Joe (Lil Joe Cash x What A Lucky Hit) from a score of 143.

“The run today was better. We’re getting a little better every time. He was really good today,” Kulmer said. “The horse is there. I just have to get my nerves settled down. One of these days’ we’ll get there.”

Kristen Avila

The Affiliate Regional Championships Novice Horse Non Pro winner was Kristen Avila riding Gunnerspecialplayboy (Gunners Special Nite x Shameless Playgirl) to a score of 142.5.

“The run today was pretty good. Our goal was to get through the pattern without any problems, so it was good.,” Avila said, adding that Gunnerspecialplayboy will also be shown in the Youth 10 & Under Lead Line with her son Saturday night.

Emily Coultrap

Emily Coultrap and Pale Of Gold (Pale Face Dunnit x Sailors Starbuck) took home the Novice Horse Non Pro Level 2 and the ARC Novice Horse Non Pro Level 2 wins from a score of 144.5.

“He was on,” Coutrap said. “He was kind to me and it was just an awesome run.”

Saturday night featured one of the fan favorite events, the Youth Lead Line and sponsored by Oklahoma Equine Hospital and Dr. Joe Carter. Some of the industries brightest young stars made their mark in the arena to the applause of the Tulsa Reining Classic fans and contestants. All contestants received the signature Tulsa Reining Classic Commemorative Teddy Bears and a Breyer horse.

In the 10& Under Walk/Trot Class Charli duPree took home the win riding RLJ Ruff Like Juice.

Groom Award

It takes a team to show horses and this year Tulsa Reining Classic joined with Shapley’s Equine Products for the first ever TRC-Shapley’s Greatest Grooms awards.

Twelve grooms were nominated for our Shapley’s Groom Awards and a panel of Tulsa Reining Classic judges including staff at all arenas had a tough time choosing the winners.

Nominated were Damien Rico with Xtra Quarter Horses, Jackson Curtin with McQuay Stables, Chrissy Monterroso with Petroll Reining Horses, Lindsey Sewalt with Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses, Amelie Guilmont and Katie Davis with Buton Reining Horses, Jan Fisher with Sam Schaffhauser, McKinnon Larcombe with Martin Larcombe, Miguel Sepada with Matt Armenta, Zoe Compagne with Jared Leclair Reining Horses and Delaney Brannen.

The winners – in no particular order – were: Damien Rico with Xtra Quarter Horses, Chrissy Monterroso with Petroll Reining Horses, Katie Davis and Amelie Guilmont with Buton Reining Horses, Jan Fisher with Sam Schaffhauser, and Zoe Compagne for Jared Leclair Reining horses.

Each of the grooms received a gift pack from Shapleys. Congratulations to the TRC-Shapley Groom Award winners!

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Duane Latimer Wins Hollywoodstinseltown Open Futurity


Duane Latimer

The Hollywoodstinseltown Open Futurity took the spotlight on Saturday at The Tulsa Reining Classic on Saturday, held at Expo Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Big stops, fast spins and flashy horses were showcased in the open futurity in the Ford Truck Arena where 116 entries battled for championship honors.

Duane Latimer turned in a crowd-pleasing run to score a 222.5 aboard Oh Starry Nite for owner XCS Ranch to claim the Hollywoodstinseltown Level 4 Open Futurity championship. Oh Starry Nite is 2015 mare by Gunners Special Nite and out of Chic Olena Starbuck and earned $15,116 for her efforts in the futurity.

“It’s a good start [to the futurity season]. The destination is the fall at the NRHA Futurity, but she was excellent,” Latimer said. “I was very happy with her.”

Latimer said that going into the Tulsa Reining Classic he had confidence in his mount, however, he added that you never know until you’re in the show pen.

“I thought, I hoped that she would be solid and she was solid. She turned good, I thought she stopped excellent – but that didn’t surprise me,” he said. “I can’t pick her apart at all, she was excellent.”

Latimer emphasized his belief in his mare saying that she’s been talented and easy to get with – even if she does have a few idiosyncrasies – since the beginning.

“She’s a little bit of a different cat, because she can get scared of something, but if you show it to her then she’s good,” Latimer said. “The same thing riding and training. She’s an over-achiever sometimes and you have to slow things down. She’s been good.”

Andrea Fappani rode Money Carlo (A Sparkling Vintage x Chex Drive) for owner C. Ross Conner to reserve championship with a score of 222, worth $9,201.

Ruben Vandorp

In the Hollywoodstinseltown Level 3 Open Futurity Ruben Vandorp took Spooks Gotta Crush to a score of 220.5, worth $5,564. Vandorp said he was proud of his mount and has no regrets for the run with the 2015 stallion by Spooks Gotta Whiz out of Megas Sugar Baby.

“It feels awesome. It always feels good to win here,” Vandorp said. “I was super happy with him.” “This is probably as good of an arena and as good of ground as you can get, and probably one of the deeper futurities of the year, so it gives you a pretty good idea of where you’re going to be later in the year, so I felt really good about the horse and how he showed.”

Vandorp said the Tulsa Reining Classic is one of his favorite shows and that he always enjoys the opportunity to show in Tulsa, but it’s even better to win.

“It feels awesome,” Vandorp said of his win. “It always feels good to win here. I was super happy with him.”

Mathieu Buton rode Smart As Hail (Smart Spook x Hailstorm Jaci) to the Level 3 reserve championship, worth $3,387 for owner Addie Shelton.

Justin Mathison

In the Hollywoodstinseltown Level 2 Open Futurity Justin Mathison rode Gunshine On Line for owner Mary Jansma to the championship from a score of 219.5, worth $2,379.

The 2015 mare by Shine On Line out of Guns R Reddy and has been with Mathison since the beginning of her training and has been promising from the start. That effortless training process translated into the show pen in Tulsa and resulted in the win.

“It was easy, easy-peasy,” Mathison said of his run. “Nothing super crazy, but just sweet and consistent.”

Mathison said that the win was an emotional one for him because of the relationship he has with the mare’s career and legacy.

“She’s by a stud that I bought for a customer of mine and she’s out of a mare that I bought for the same customer,” he said. “It feels good to have contributed that much to her being a part of my business and career. It feels pretty good.”

The next stop for the mare is the High Roller Classic and then the rest of her career will be planned one step at a time. Mathison is hopeful for her successful future, in part because of her willing personality.

Joe Schmidt

Joe Schmidt and Codalicious won the Hollywoodstinseltown Open Futurity Level 1 championship, as well as the Level 2 reserve title for owner Barn 66 LLC for earnings of $2,307.

“She was very easy to prepare all week and just kept getting better,” Schmidt said. “She’s a really good minded mare and super fun to be around. She’s been really easy to train from the beginning.”

The duo turned in a score of 218 to win the titles. Schmidt said he came into the Tulsa Reining Classic with high hopes for the talented mare.

“I knew I had a shot at being decent, I just had to keep everything together,” Schmidt said. “I’ve been preparing for this and I made sure that I practice to be ready, but I thought I had a chance at marking big.”

Todd Crawford rode Whizkeybenthellbound (Whizkey N Diamonds x Desire A Chic) to a score of 217.5 for the Level 1 reserve championship for owner MC Performance Horses and $523.

David and Bonnie Silva have been strong supporters of the Tulsa Reining Classic for years and in 2018 returned to sponsor this Open Futurity named for the Silva’s phenomenal stallion, Hollywoodstinseltown.

Hollywoodstinseltown, by $6 Million Sire Hollywood Dun It out of NRHA’s All-time Leading Mare, Miss Tinseltown, was destined to be a champion. Equipped with a royal pedigree, flashy good looks, exceptional movement, and an outstanding mind, he gained quick rewards in the show pen. Now he’s already become an NRHA Million Dollar Sire.

David and Bonnie Silva are well known as breeders and owners in the reining industry. In fact, in 2012, David was honored as a NRHA Million Dollar Owner. He has been involved in the sport of reining for over 30 years and continues to be an active Non Pro competitor and to enjoy the opportunity to give back to the industry that he loves.

For more information on Hollywoodstinseltown and Silva Reining Horses, visit the website at

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Josh Crawley Wins Adequan USEF Open Championship

Josh Crawley

Friday night’s competition was filled with national and international competition when the USEF Youth and USEF Open championships were showcased. The riders dazzled the crowd with big stops, fast spins and smooth moves. Both the professionals and the young guns of the sport had the opportunity to show off their skills.

Josh Crawley and Spin N Whip (Wimpys Little Step x Spinning Beauty) won the Adequan USEF Open championship with a score of 73.5 for owner Denise Hobbs. Crawley says it’s special to compete and win for your country, but the win was made eeven more noteworthy because of the team he has on his side.

“Denise has shown Spin N Whip here in the Green Reiner a couple of times this week and I just cannot say enough about this horse; he is extremely honest and just went in there and tried his heart out every single time,” Crawley said. “We’re all very, very blessed to be a part of this horse’s career. He’s truly an amazing individual.”

Shane Allen Brown took home the silver medal riding Give Me Starbucks (Walla Walla Whiz x Starbucks Rosy Blend) while Emily Emerson rode Wind Er Up Wimp (Wimpys Little Step x Wind Her Up Doc) to the bronze medal.

Carlee McCutcheon

Carlee McCutcheon rode Katy Dun It (Dun Gotta Gun x Dun Kissed Peaches) to the USEF 13 & Under gold medal with a score of 211.5. Katy Dun It is owned by Shawn Stratman and Carlee said the mare showed well on Friday. The young McCutcheon was pleased to improve from last year’s USEF championship where she finished second.

“I was a little too ‘Come on, let’s go, let’s get this,'” Carlee said with a laugh, “but she was really good and tried hard and we ended up better than I thought.”

Raeanna Thayn and Coded N Color (Electric Code x RT Missy Olena) took the silver medal with a score of 204.5.

Cade McCutcheon

Cade McCutcheon rode REF Sturgis, owned by Anne-Marie Burns to the USEF Youth 14-18 gold medal with a score of 218.5 to defend his title from 2017. Cade expressed his pride in his mount’s consistency and talent saying Friday’s run was the first time he’s ridden the 6-year-old since last year’s USEF Youth class.

“It’s always fun to win something for USA,” Cade said. “He’s a very easy horse. He’s laid back and quiet. The first time I’ve rode him since last year when I won this was last night – I’ve only rode him to show him in this class. He’s real easy to get along with and made it easy on me.”

REF Sturgis is by Custom Harley out of Chics Time To Rein and not only earned McCutcheon the 2017 USEF gold medal, but also led his owner, Burns, to big wins at the 2018 Tulsa Reining Classic SmartPak Non Pro Derby on Thursday.

Jack Medows

Jack Medows and Surpizentheprincess (Jerry Lees Surprise x Princess In Diamonds) to the USEF Youth 19-21 gold medal. The duo has had a lot of success together in the show pen including an NRHA Derby Level Non Pro championship, NRBC Non Pro championships and other big accolades.

“This is a mare I’ve shown a lot,” Medows said. “She was pretty good tonight. It’s really exciting to get her back out and start showing her again.”

USEF Youth medalists

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More Champs Crowned in Tulsa

Gabe Hutchins

Friday featured the Novice Horse Open Levels 1 and 2 plus the Novice Horse Open Level 1 and 2 Affiliate Regional Finals in the Super Duty Arena, while the Mustang arena featured the Rookie and Rookie ARC classes at the Tulsa Reining Classic held at Expo Square in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Top riders earned honors as champs were crowned.

Gabe Hutchins rode Shinehollywoodshine for Tamarack Ranch to a score of 143.5 for the win in the Novice Horse Open. Shinehollywoodshine has been a great mount, which Hutchins hopes continues to improve.

“My plan is for him to be competitive in the Level 4 in the derbies next year, so it’s been nice to be able to come here this week, do a little schooling, show him today and then I plan to put him in the Novice derby on Sunday.” Hutchins said, adding that his mount performed well in Friday’s class.

Jared Leclair

Jared Leclair topped the Novice Horse Open Level 2 and the Novice Horse Open Level 2 ARC with a score of 145.5 riding Smart Voodoo Doctor for owner Dean Spence. Smart Voodoo Doctor is by Shiners Voodoo Dr out of Smart As Sister and has led Leclair to a lot of success including a qualification to the NRHA Open Futurity Finals.

“I was just kind of showing him to qualify him for the affiliate [championships] so that I can show him at the Futurity, if I get him qualified,” Leclair said. “He was really good to show and has been really good to show and he’s just a really fun horse.”

Kristen Avila rode Gunnerspecialplayboy (Gunners Special Nite x Shamless Playgirl) to a score of 143 to win the Novice Horse Open ARC. Avila said the 5-year-old has been with her for about year and was a little behind in his training and maturity.

“He was a little bit behind and he wasn’t even ready to show until about May of this year,” Avila said. “That was the first time we’ve shown him and so we’ve been doing all the novice events with him.”

Kristen Avila

Despite his late start Avila says his calm personality makes him a joy to ride and be around.

“He’s just a big dog. My son gets to ride him a little bit with my husband, because he’s quiet and nothing really bothers him,” she said. “He’s just kind of an easy-going fella.”

The rookies of the sport were highlighted Friday at the Tulsa Reining Classic. Two riders dominated the class with their flashy reining horses.

Wendy Hausner took the win in the Rookie Level 1 and Level 2 classes with a score of 142.5 riding HQH Crazy Rich (Slip Slydun Away x Sparklin Chic).

Kalena Reynolds

Kalena Reynolds took home the wins in the ARC Rookie 1 and ARC Rookie 2 classes with a score of 141.5 riding Gun Whiz It (Colonels Smoking Gun x Roll Whiz It). 7-year-old mare had her for 2 years.

“She was really smooth, she felt really good,” Reynolds said of her run, which gives her a confidence boost going into Saturday’s classes.

Barbara Biddix and Zins Smart Peppy (Tejons Peppy Doc x Smart Rowdy Lady) took home the Rookie Prime Time win with a score of 137.5. The 11-year-old gelding has been with Biddix for four years and after a lot of hard work they were able to pull together to get this win.

Barbara Biddix

“It was just a nice run. He didn’t stop like I like him to stop, he’s a great stopper, but we had a good run,” she said.

Biddix credits her trainer Brian Bell with their success saying that “Zin” was a bit of a handful before Bell got him show-ready.

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