2018 Legacy Sales Results

From The Sale Company newsletter – Legacy Sale Partners Tim McQuay, Tom McCutcheon, Dell Hendricks and Joao Marcos extend their sincere thanks to all who helped create a truly incredible 2018 Sale! With gross sales over $3.6 Million, an incredible sale average of $16,300+, and a pass out rate of only 0.05%, the 2018 Legacy Sale was a testament to reining industry growth and health and the importance of quality horses and breeders.


High Seller – McQuay Dispersal
Hip 38: Custom Made Gun purchased by Slide or Die LLC for $300,000

High Selling Broodmare – McQuay Dispersal
Hip 34: Custom Made Dunit purchased by Jonathan Baruch, agent for $241,000

High Selling Yearling – McQuay Dispersal
Hip: 11: Dun Got It Made purchased by Toyon Ranch LLC for $60,000

Other Top Sellers

Hip 70: Déjà vu With A Gun purchased by Jonathan Baruch, agent for $130,000

Hip 33: Customized Gunner purchased by Nonie Casselman Reed for $115,000

Hip 21: Shine Ann purchased by Toyon Ranch LLC for $100,000

Hip 29: Dun Its Déjà vu purchased by Toyon Ranch LLC for $88,000


Hip 264: SB Shiney Inferno, consigned by Pro Fit Equine/South on the Border LLC, purchased by Pastorino Hay & Ranch Supply for $37,000

Hip 242: Vintage Abandonment, consigned by Humphrey Quarter Horses, Inc, purchased by Cori Sampson for $36,000

Hip 203: Pending (Magnum Chic Dream x Made Of Pure Spangled), consigned by Cardinal Reining Horses, LLC, purchased by Eitan Abu for $33,000

Hip 233: Pending (Gunners Special Nite x Hot Hollywood Jewels), consigned by Rancho Santa Cecilia, purchased by Mickael Clabeau for $33,000

Hip 271: Dun Git My Magnum, consigned by Justin & Monica Mathison, purchased by Zarate & Tremblay for $30,000

Total Sale Amount: $3,636,200
Total Pass Out Amount: $394,2000
Average Sale Amount: $16,378.28

Complete Sale Results

High Seller Photos provided by The Sale Company
Other Sale Photos by NRHA/Harris