2017 AustrianRHA Futurity – Regular Updates

Rudi Kronsteiner and Spook N Ruffles take lead in Open Futurity Go round 3-year-old Horses

Dominik Reminder takes lead in Open Futurity Go round 4-year-old Horses

Jennifer Nixdorf takes lead in Non Pro Futurity Go Round 3-year-old Horses

Chiara Bartoletti and Holly Jolly Jaba dominate Futurity Non Pro Go round L4 4-year-old Horses

Two Futurity Championships for Nicola Cordioli – Open Futurity Champion L2 with the 3- and 4-year-old horses / Jeffrey Touroute-Thomas Futurity Champion L1 (3-y-o horses), Daniele Bocchieri (3-y-o horses)

Futurity Champion Non Pro Go L1, 4-year-old Horses: Lisa Weiss & Spinning Beauty Whiz / Non Pro Futurity Champion L1, 3-year-old Horses: Elena Kölbl & Gunners Lee Hook 

Massimiliano Ruggeri becomes Austrian Futurity L4 Open Champion der 4-jährig4-year-old Horses, Davide Brighenti wins Open L3  / Huge Success for Lukas Brucek: Open Futurity Champion L4, 3-year-olds Horses / Valentina Sagmeister becomes L3 Open Futurity Champion

Non Pro Futurity Champions 3-year-old horses: Ewald Rifeser & Xtra Dun Wimpy in L4, Elena Kölbl & Gunners Lee Hook in L3 / Elena Kölbl & Gunners Lee Hook earn second Futurity Champion title / Sarah Ehrenreich claims Non Pro Futurity Championship L4 and L3, 4-year-old Horses